Here are some of the experiences of my past clients.

24th May 2022

As someone who was initially apprehensive to access counselling, having sessions with Keith has had a massive impact on my wellbeing.

I went into my sessions looking for immediate solutions to the issues I was facing, however working with Keith has enabled me to actually face these issues and feelings head on, understand them and in some cases, accept them.

From the beginning Keith put me at ease and I felt able to share how I was feeling and know I was being heard. I opted for face-to-face sessions and the counselling space was always a calm, quiet and comfortable space to have a session in.

Keith’s approach meant I was able to bring anything I wanted to discuss to the session which was really helpful and allowed me to explore my thoughts and feelings.

Keith provided me with relevant theories to support me in developing more of an understanding on my thoughts and feelings which was a real turning point for me.

I now feel able to address my feelings and understand what it is I need and Keith and his approach were an integral part of this journey. Thank you Keith!

Leonie S

1st October 2021

From the offset, Keith made me feel comfortable and safe to share my thoughts and feeling, and over 8 months of counselling sessions, helped me to achieve what I believed was impossible.

As a result of my counselling sessions with Keith, my confidence has sky-rocketed, I’m at peace with my anxiety – and most importantly, I know how to combat it!

Regular check-ins meant that we both had an idea of my progress, and Keith encouraged me to set goals to work towards – all of which I met as a result of working with Keith.

Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and my mental wellbeing.

Thank you Keith.

Steph Caldecott

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20th April 2021

I got diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago and having been through a very aggressive treatment program, I am now on the road back.

At the time my treatment ended, and I never realised it at the time, i was in a very dark and lonely place. I have never felt so emotionally, physically and mentally drained. I just couldn’t understand my feelings and felt so confused as to why.

It had taken numerous people that have known me from all areas of my life to tell me I needed help and should try counselling. Which is when I thought, maybe I should give it a chance, and I am so glad I did.

Counselling is nothing like I expected. I half heartedly expected it to change who I was, which I did not want to do. It helped me to understand things in my past, present and the emotions and mental scars that come with them. It helped me to be aware, that it is completely normal to have feelings but also how to keep them under control without letting them consume me.

I did a year of counselling, which was longer than I thought. Which is strange as I never knew what was involved. It has been something I am so glad I gave the chance. I gave it everything as I really wanted this to work and could tell from the first few weeks that I was enjoying talking and expressing myself without being judged for the way I was feeling and thinking.

I am now in the best place I have been for years and I owe my life to it. It has not changed who I am but it has made me feel so much more confident, calm and I no longer feel on a knife edge.

I cannot recommend counselling enough and I am not saying it is, or works for everyone, but If I can only give one bit of advice.

You only get out of this, what you put in.

Thanks for your help Keith.

Sean Dixon

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5th April 2021

I was initially quite apprehensive around counselling, but Keith was incredibly easy and comfortable to open up to. He helped me make sense of the problems and emotions I felt in a manner that was easy to understand. Could not recommend it enough for anyone thinking of trying out counselling.

Luke McGuinness

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17th March 2021

“I got in contact with Keith, not knowing what to expect from counselling & a little sceptical. I was quickly put at ease & felt comfortable opening up. with Keith’s guidence Ive found ways to address my issues, which in turn has altered my perspective on how I deal with day to day life. I can’t thank Keith enough, just wish gone to see him sooner.”

Ross Nicholson

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9th October 2020

Keith was a great help to me at a point where I had run out of options. Although initially sceptical of the process I felt I had nothing to lose by trying. Keith’s approach and support helped me understand and come to terms with things from my childhood that have had a far greater bearing on my life than I realised. My frustrations with everyday life have been reduced and I’ve started to regain a more balanced, healthy approach to my life with a more positive outlook for the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone and feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with him.

Richard Hayes

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4th February 2021

I felt super at ease talking with Keith from our very first meeting. He is a calm, warm, and open person, which makes for easy and productive conversations with him. I got so much great understanding, and progress from our sessions together! And I would absolutely recommend to anyone considering doing some counselling to meet with him for a chat 🙂

Daniel Burkhardt Cerigo

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13th July 2020

This is Adam (using his wife’s account). I attended counselling with Keith for some anxiety issues. Keith was very good. He put me at ease immediately and allowed me the space to just talk, and listen to what I was saying and feeling. Keith was very supportive, the sessions were relaxed and I found the whole experience incredibly helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Keith’s services.

Adam Smith

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15th April 2020

“At the start of 2020, I wanted to make it my year. My year where I took control back of my life. I found keith Fernandes. I came to him with anxiety and trying to come to terms with the grief of losing my dad. Keith provided a safe space where I felt comfortable to open up. We started from the begining “childhood” and made links to my feeling now I’m an adult.

After 6 sessions and some theory the knots of anxiety started to untangle. I am moving forward with making sure im mindful and takling my feelings as they come.

I will be forever grateful for the time spent with keith. I feel like I am me again.”


7th January 2020

“Keith is very easy to speak to and is understanding and compassionate when speaking about problems. My anxiety has improved drastically since working with Keith, he has understand my self much better on whole. I would urge anyone unsure if therapy can help them, as i was, to speak to Keith and see how he can help.

Lewis Clayton

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